To discover Savigliano we have provided some itineraries based on the time you have available. Please remember to call ahead if you wish to visit museums, to check opening times and days, or contact the Tourist Office where the staff are ready and willing to help.
All the itineraries are accessible on foot or by bike and cover a limited area of the town centre, mostly pedestrian areas or with little traffic and suitable for all ages.


Approx 1,30 h

Don’t worry if you have limited time. The best thing, once you have parked along Viale del Sole is to walk along Viale 1 Maggio and enter the centre through Piazza Cavour. You will find yourself in the heart of the town, Piazza Santa Rosa. The perfect place to have a rest in the shade of the arcades or soak up the atmosphere with  a coffee outside one of the many cafés. Time for an aperitif? Don’t miss the chance to try the traditional Saviglianese Paulin, the secret recipe for which is still hidden among the shelves of delicious cakes at the historic bakery ‘Scaraffia’.
Continuing your walk, go down the vicolo del Teatro and you will come to Piazza Turletti and the façade of the Milanollo theatre. Turn right and take Via Beggiami, characterised by its ancient dark arcades, and you will find yourself once again in Piazza Santa Rosa in front of the majestic Arco di Trionfo. Walk along Via Sant’Andrea on your left. A quick glance inside the Church of St, Andrea and finally you simply can’t miss a visit to the historical rooms of Palazzo Taffini, where the frescoes will take your breath away.
Remember! Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11 am and at 3 pm  if you go to the tourist office inside  Palazzo Taffini you can join a guided tour of the town! Tuesday and Friday mornings are market day, so why not take the opportunity to buy some fresh local produce.


Approx. half a day

A half day visit will allow you to add an important leg to your tour: the Civic Museum Gipsoteca Calandra, where a former convent provides an incredible setting for the sculptor’s plastercasts and works  of art by many local artists. On your way there why not stop at the Church of San Pietro and admire its imposing and precious interior.


All day

Having a whole day will no doubt allow you to better enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in Savigliano. Don’t be surprised by the large numbers of people who get around by bike, in fact you may want to do the same for this itinerary if it’s a nice day. At the tourist information office you can follow a simple, free procedure to use the bike sharing service. Just one thing, be back by 6pm when the office closes. Either by bike or on foot, when you get to Savigliano head straight for the tourist office (open from 10am -1 pm and 2pm-6pm) to pick up a map of the town so you can find your way around and have access to the information you need. If all the museums are open you can buy a Savigliano Card, which allows you a discount on a museum visit of your choice or all three museums and the town with a guided tour, Muses Accademia Europea delle Essenze, the railway museum (Museo ferroviario) and the Civic Museum Gipsoteca Calandra. Have a break in the greenery of Graneris park, or freshen-up with a walk along the foot and cycle path beside the Maira river.