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The Parish Church of Genola was redesigned in a neo gothic style between 1913 and 1924, as requested by Bartolomeo Adamo, the parish priest at that time, who gave the work to the architects Annibale Galateri and Francesco Giuseppe Momo. Few of the sixteenth century frescoes from the original church remain, but there are small fragments of saints and some architectural details that make the whole more precious. The church dedicated to San Michele Arcangelo has three naves and is simply decorated with a modern side chapel and a single entrance on the lateral façade decorated with an elaborately tiled gothic pediment. Behind the main altar soars the organ from 1856 by the Vegezzi-Bossi brothers. On the chancel steps there is an elegantly tapered white marble baptismal font, donated in the fifteen-hundreds by Count Galateri, whose coat of arms is still visible on the pedestal.

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