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The chapel, originally named St. Maria del Bosco is situated in open countryside a few kilometres from the centre of Genola, its large front lawn makes it the perfect place for a rest stop if you are enjoying the countryside by bicycle. The chapel was first mentioned officially in a document that dates back to 1263 where it is referred to as “boscho Sancte Marie”, indicating this little country parish surrounded by woods and meadows. At the end of the thirteen-hundreds it was purchased by the Fava family of Savigliano, who renovated it and built the bell tower. At the beginning of the 19th century the Chapel passed to the Pamparato family and the chapel as it appears today is the result of work commissioned by the heirs of this family in 1911, which included renovating the façade and the bell tower. The descendents of the Pamparato family gave up their rights to the chapel in 1936, passing it to the community of Genola. Recent renovations have restored the ancient splendour of this little country parish.

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