Sabato 21 Gennaio 2017

Fiera della Meccanizzazione Agricola (Trade fair for Agricultural Machinery)

The weekend of the spring equinox is the moment devoted to agricultural technology in a province where agriculture is a leading industry. The importance of the fair is revealed not only by the number of participating businesses but also by the sheer size of the exhibition ground and its relative production.

The trade fair, held in Savigliano on an exhibition ground of 44 thousand square metres, hosts numerous informative events on innovations and new concepts in the sector. It is becoming an increasingly important event for professionals who have to deal with the challenges of the market and the evolution of agricultural techniques. Every year there are over 350 exhibitors of equipment and new agricultural machines, for working plains, hills, mountains and even gardens.



Easter procession

Arciconfraternita della Pietà (p.zza Cesare Battisti) and the roads in the city centre. Easter Sunday afternoon. The devotional story of the Arciconfraternita della Pietà has its roots in the Easter…

Sabato 21 Gennaio 2017

18th Rassegna Piemontese (Festival in Piedmont dialect)

Supported by Savigliano Town Council and the Association “Sipari sel Piemont” the Piedmont theatre company “El Fornel Giovanni Clerico” presents four theatre performances. In the download section you can download…