The fourth weekend of September


Bread Festival

Biennial – 4th Sunday in September

Every two years the Bread Festival in Savigliano celebrates one of our staple foods with a charming festival.
Piazza del Popolo is transformed in an open-air workshop, with a designated flour deposit, a bakery where you can find a wide choice of local and regional specialties, an area where different guest producers take turns to show visitors the art of bread-making, from the grain to the loaf through the thousand forms of bread.
Basically something to sink your teeth into!
Bread to look at, bread to taste, dough to knead, bread to talk about and to listen to. A festival rich with surprises for young and old in an itinerary that leads you through the story of bread, that will call to your palate and intellect, with laboratories, music and many gastronomic exhibitors.

How to reach it


Sabato 21 Gennaio 2017

18th Rassegna Piemontese (Festival in Piedmont dialect)

Supported by Savigliano Town Council and the Association “Sipari sel Piemont” the Piedmont theatre company “El Fornel Giovanni Clerico” presents four theatre performances. In the download section you can download…


Easter procession

Arciconfraternita della Pietà (p.zza Cesare Battisti) and the roads in the city centre. Easter Sunday afternoon. The devotional story of the Arciconfraternita della Pietà has its roots in the Easter…