Palazzo Galvagno – Town Hall


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dal Lunedì al Venerdì dalle 8,30 alle 13,00
dal Lunedì al Mercoledì dalle 14,00 alle 16,00
Sabato: dalle 8,30 alle 11,00



The Palazzo was built for the Galvagno family around 1796 and later enlarged in 1872. It has housed the Town Council since 2005 and has a senior centre and cafeteria on the ground floor. The outside of the building is in sober red brick and contrasts with the refined elegance of the inside. In what are now the council offices visitors can admire elegant ceilings decorated with lace patterns, graceful veils and garlands of flowers. Pastel shades and painted overdoors accompany the visitor as they look upwards and breathe in the atmosphere of an old aristocratic building. Traces of everyday family life remain, in the children’s bedrooms, which are more cosy and intimate, there is a border on the wall framing the ceiling with cartoons of Mickey and Minnie mouse, Pluto and other funny characters that call to the imagination. Created in 1936, the date is still visible alongside the names of the children who lived there. In another room the decorative border around the ceiling tells a love story, from one picture to the next the story unfolds in dances, tears and adieus.

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