Over the last twenty years the Local Council has made a concerted effort to improve the historical town centre and the buildings of particular architectural and artistic merit, not limited only to renovating buildings (such as Confraternita della Misericordia, Civico Teatro Milanollo, Chiesa S. Agostino…), but also to the improvement of the quality of life in the town. To this aim some areas of the town have been closed to traffic and the numerous parks and public gardens have been enhanced and safeguarded. Urban mobility has been rethought with a view to sustainability (bike-sharing, urban buses, walking bus, cycle paths, controlled traffic zones, low speed limits etc) and this has proved to be a winning strategy.

For some years now Savigliano has boasted the title of  “Città amica della bicicletta” (bike friendly town), an important National recognition from F.I.A.B.  that certifies the quality of sustainable mobility by assessing the measures taken by local councils.

Examples of sustainable mobility: urban bus and bike-sharing

The centre has been transformed into a pedestrian zone surrounded by a controlled traffic zone, inside which 14 bike-sharing “Bicincittà” stations have been installed; as of November 2011 this service has become part of a bike-sharing network that operates in several cities in Piedmont for holders of a BIP card (Biglietto Integrato Piemonte) . In recent years the cycle paths that connect the centre to suburban residential areas have been increased, connecting the railway station, hospital, sports centre, cemetery and parks as well as the park-and-ride car parks for the two free urban bus routes, for a total of over 13km.

Careful attention has also been paid to the surrounding countryside: city cycle paths are linked to some local cycle trip routes and to the riverside path along the Maira, a route of over 85 km that can also be walked and connects the town of  Villar S. Costanzo to Racconigi, around 10 km of the route passes through Savigliano.

Public bike-sharing system called Bicincittà

The service BICINCITTA’ BIP in Savigliano, which runs from 06.00 to 22.00, comprises 14 bike stations where you can pick up and drop off the bikes available for the service.

This initiative was achieved thanks to the efforts of the SAVIGLIANO COUNCIL, CASSA DI RISPARMIO DI SAVIGLIANO, FONDAZIONE CASSA DI RISPARMIO DI SAVIGLIANO, Centro Commerciale Naturale “IL MOLO“, the company COMUNICARE s.r.l., ALSTOM railway and REGIONE PIEMONTE.

The stations are currently positioned in the following strategic points:

  • Stazione FS (railway station) with 13 docks
  • Stazione FS II with 10 docks
  • Piazza del Popolo C/o Banca CRS with7 docks
  • Piazza Santa Rosa with 5 docks
  • Ospedale (Hospital) with7 docks
  • Alstom (train factory) with 4 docks
  • Biblioteca (Library) with 5 docks
  • Università  (university) C/o Theatre with10 docks
  • Piazza Schiaparelli with 7 docks
  • Palasport with 8 docks
  • Municipio (town hall) with 7 docks
  • Isoardi with 7 docks
  • Via Galimberti – Borgo Marene with 6 docks
  • Via Togliatti with 6 docks

Who is the service for?

Bicincittà is a service for residents, commuters, tourists and any person (over the age of 18) who for whatever reason needs to make short trips within the city, and wishes to use a quick, environmentally friendly alternative to a car while avoiding parking problems.

What types of passes are there?

Passes are personal and the User must not allow third parties use or custody of a bicycle.
In the case of minors the contract and enrolment form must be completed and signed by the minor and by a parent/guardian or legal representative. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Users can choose from the following annual passes:
 “Provincia di Cuneo” pass: cost for activating a new service  € 15,00 (including insurance and € 5,00 credit); subsequent annual renewal fee € 10,00 ( € 5,00 subscription and € 5,00 insurance RCT). This pass allows you to use the service present in the participating towns in the Province of Cuneo, currently Alba, Cuneo, Saluzzo and Savigliano (each town has its own tariffs and times for free or paid service).
 Bicintittà BIP pass:  cost for activating a new contract  € 25,00 (including  € 5,00 credit + optional insurance); subsequent annual renewal fee costs € 20,00 + optional insurance cover at € 5,00. The price of this pass will always be in keeping with the leading Council in the region, which is Turin, and allows access to all towns in the Bicincitta programme present in the region, including  [TO]BIKE (Alba, Biella, Chivasso, Cuneo, Saluzzo and Savigliano).
Hourly rates
Savigliano council offers a free service for up to six consecutive hours of use per day. In other participating towns the range of free service times is based on the type of annual pass chosen and can be checked on the website
In Savigliano there is a charge of € 1,00 an hour starting from the end of the sixth consecutive hour of bicycle use in one day, this sum will be deducted from the 5 euro credit.

Where can I get a pass?

To use the Bicincittà service simply go to the Council Tourism/Sport office where you can fill in the necessary forms and collect your BIP card, which permits you to use the bicycles.
Registration fees and extra credit can be paid for at the following coordinates:
Bank transfer: Bicincittà srl – bancoposta – IBAN IT29 B076 0101 0000 0100 0486 090
Post-office payment: Bicincittà srl – bancoposta – c/c n. 001000486090

How do I use the service?


Go to the Council Tourism-Sport office in corso Roma 36, tel. 0172.710247, and fill in the form.


Hold your pass near the top of the bicycle docking column and wait for the green light to flash.


Slide the bicycle out of the docking station.


During your rental you can leave the bicycle in the usual bike racks and secure it with the lock you are provided with when you register for the service. This way you can enjoy some shopping or take your time to visit the town.


Hold your pass near the top of the docking column, wait for the green light to flash and place the bicycle in the dock.


Where should you leave the bike when you have finished? Wherever you want! Bicincittà allows you to leave the bike in a different place from where you collected it, just place the bike in one of the many docking stations around the town.

When can I use the service?

Bicincittà service is available every day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. (returning a bicycle is also permitted after 10 p.m.).

How much does it cost?

6 consecutive hours a day FREE
from the seventh hour  1,00 €/h
extra credit 5,00 € at the Tourism-Sport office, corso Roma 36 – tel. 0172/710247

Problems and maintenance

Freephone 800 333 444
To check availability online:

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