Sunday, May 21, 2017


Quinta Essenza (Quintessence)

Piazza Santa Rosa e city center
Third Monday of May
Hours: 9.00 – 19.00
INFO: tel. 0172 712536 – fax. 0172 294935 –

Everything began in the ancient Benedictine monastery of San Pietro. Here in the town of Savigliano, in a cloister recently restored to its former splendour, clever monks cultivated aromatic and therapeutic herbs.
Some plants could only be found at high altitude, so the monks went to gather them in the mountains, then distilled them, dried them and transformed them into exquisite essences. There were five steps to reach the pure, almost celestial product. It is from this practice that we have inherited the term to indicate something superlative: QuintEssenza.
The QuintEssenza festival is about herbs, spices and flowers that possess qualities that can be applied in an infinite number of sectors. Stalls with specialised exhibitors, divided into thematic areas, flood the city with their products which are rigorously natural, eco-friendly and high quality.
Well-being, natural cosmetics, aromatherapy. Furnishings and natural dyes. Infusions, teas and essences. And then flower nurseries, gardening equipment and specialized publications.

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Domenica 22 Gennaio 2017

New Year’s Concert

Every year the Savigliano Associations Amici dell’ospedale di SS Annunziata and the Amici della Musica  organize a New Year’s concert at the Milanollo theatre in Savigliano on 1 January.

Sabato 21 Gennaio 2017

18th Rassegna Piemontese (Festival in Piedmont dialect)

Supported by Savigliano Town Council and the Association “Sipari sel Piemont” the Piedmont theatre company “El Fornel Giovanni Clerico” presents four theatre performances. In the download section you can download…