Giovedì 20 Ottobre 2016

Spring fair

Every year the Spring Fair is held alongside the National Fair for Agricultural Machinery. For the last 18 years the Sunday of the Fair weekend is dedicated to the Spring Fair, which adds to the wonderful festive atmosphere in the town.

On that Sunday you can find three hundred market stalls in the town, from via Saluzzo to Piazza Molineri, in Piazza del Popolo, corso Roma and via Danna, not to mention piazza Battisti, piazza Santarosa and piazza Cavour.

The Spring Fair is a significant moment for local businesses and also for the town. It is certainly the commercial festival that sees the largest number of visitors from out of town. Thousands of people come to pass their Sunday browsing among the stalls looking for a bargain, something curious, something to purchase. Savigliano welcomes its citizens and visitors from every place with the colours and shapes of the temporary stalls, and the warmth and atmosphere of the shops, restaurants and bars that stay open for the occasion.

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Four times a year

Antiques and flea markets

Every year Savigliano holds four Antiques and flea markets. Coloured stalls fill the two main squares and the surrounding porticos; each time the magic of bric-a-brac is repeated, here everyone…

Domenica 22 Gennaio 2017

New Year’s Concert

Every year the Savigliano Associations Amici dell’ospedale di SS Annunziata and the Amici della Musica  organize a New Year’s concert at the Milanollo theatre in Savigliano on 1 January.